3 Ways to Add Music When Auto-Publishing Instagram Reels

Two are kosher. One is questionable.

Jenessa Stark
6 min readAug 11, 2022

You know that feeling when you realize someone has given you an assignment, but they left out an important detail?

That’s the feeling social media scheduling apps have given many of us with the roll-out of Reels auto-publishing.

This was a much-anticipated announcement as Reels were the only type of content you couldn’t schedule in advance. Which meant you couldn’t stray beyond the wi-fi realm if your biz was dependent on them.

What. A. Drag.

So it was an exciting day when I saw Reels scheduling was available in social media scheduling tools.

But every scheduling software I’ve seen rolled out the feature without acknowledging one glaring shortcoming: you don’t have access to Instagram’s database of music when scheduling your Reel.

So you have to add music to your Reels before scheduling.

This has left many small businesses, creators, and freelancers wondering how to go about using this new and snazzy feature.

I know because I sleuthed around the comments sections of the posts announcing the feature roll-out. 👀🕵🏻‍♀️ (Hey, I’ve always wanted to be a detective.)

As someone who’s used every major social media scheduling tool out there, I know there are limitations to what these tools can do. So the muzak fiasco wasn’t a surprise to me.

I also know how to work around these limitations.

Which is why I took it upon myself to share three ways to MacGyver your music when scheduling Instagram Reels.

So read on, my friends, and learn how you too can enjoy your vacays and weekends without a screen in your face (or at least not have that screen time all about managing your Reels drip. 💧)

3 Ways You Can Add Music to Your Scheduled Reels

Before we jump in here, I just want to clarify that you can’t use trending audio when scheduling Reels. But that’s okay, because trending audio isn’t everything.



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